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Behavior & Education 






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Andre was going along minding his own business, when one day everything changed for him. Boys and girls alike will relate to Andre's desire to be a helper, as well as Dark Thunder's heart for using his power for good. Every child will learn a valuable lesson about bad behavior when they read the story of "Dark Thunder is Born."

By Behavior Specialist D.T. Johnson

By Behavior Specialist D.T. Johnson

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Parents, aren't you tired of the daycare or elementary school calling you about your child's bad behavior?

Behavior Specialist D.T Johnson has created the solution you have been looking for! This short read will give you the tools to change things in your home for the good! Order your copy today!

Attacking Bad Behavior at Home One Lesson at a Time

(Based on the children's book, "Dark Thunder is Born")

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Featured New Daycare Solution

Dark Thunder is Born

Attacking Bad Behavior One Lesson at a Time

(Daycare Teacher Edition)

When bad behavior tries to take over your daycare program---Behavior Specialist D.T. Johnson steps in with strategies that allows your teachers to take over instead!

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We aim to publish books that might support a cause, meet a specific need, or opens minds and hearts to a new way of solving problems. Either way, our books rise to the occasion. Shop our latest offerings of printed and digital books today!

Daycare programs serve as the beginning of education for our youngest learners. From infants to toddlers, to pre-schoolers, they are in need of tender loving care, early literacy and social skills. We provide solutions that meet a combination of their needs.

The words of a poet can be just the right medicine for a weary soul. It might be a poem for a mom who needs a little encouragement, a teacher who needs insight into their importance, or a teenager who needs to know that they are not alone in this world.