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Teachers Appreciation Guild

Behavior & Education 

Our Family of Authors

TAG authors write to educate, inspire and teach others

D.T. Johnson

D.T. Johnson has always had a heart for helping others dealing with behavior concerns. Even throughout his business endeavors, he still managed to be sought out for his advice when it comes to children and their behaviors. He decided to turn his passion towards the area of children's literature and wrote his first children's book entitled, "Dark Thunder is Born". In this book, he delivers on providing strategies and techniques for parents, teachers and caregivers. He truly believes "If you teach a child to behave, you are building a foundation for their future success"

It takes a village to raise a child and to teach a child to behave. This is exactly what Behavior Specialist D.T. Johnson has supported in all of the books in the Dark Thunder series. He has written step by step guides for the role players in a child's life. He truly believes that this series of books will get all of them on board, with teaching a child to behave while using la combination of love and discipline.

The parent edition gives parents practical strategies to use with their children at home, while supporting what their teachers do at school. The Daycare edition gives caregivers a version of those same strategies to use. In addition, the grandparent edition provides activities to continue those same strategies when the grandchildren come to visit. Each one is rooted in love!

Sajana P. Brown

Sajana grew up writing poems on her bedroom wall, but now she's finally using her gift to make a statement for social justice. She never thought her work would actually be published, but we are honored to give her the spotlight that is long overdue.

Get her first poetic offering of

"Black Lives Matter Too" today!

Available as a eBook download now!  

Michelle L. Bowers

She wears many hats and manages to live out her passion for being a mom, wife, educator, poet and author. Her heart for educators shines through in "The Unforgettable Teacher's Journey" and she lifts others up in "The Encouragement Bucket".