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 TAG has two programs that will  support our mission and vision

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Program One:

Champion for Teachers

The champions for teachers program is where organizations partner with the Teachers Appreciation Guild. 

These organizations will do what we are doing, which is:

Spreading good news to teachers

Cheering for teachers
Refreshing teachers
Putting a smile on teacher's faces
Motivating teachers
Encouraging teachers

Building hope for teachers

It is time to play "TAG You're it!"

Your donation will support this program. Givers, don’t you think these programs should come forward to destroy the negativity that teachers are facing today? Listen givers, teachers are under attack!  They are criticized, unfairly judged and even assaulted. Teachers have been condemned, and seen as a liability instead of an asset. Listen givers, teachers need mercy, sympathy, and relief. This is what this program is for. It will help bring forth much needed mercy, sympathy and relief for teachers. There is no minimum amount to give. Please donate for teachers today!