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Teachers Appreciation Guild

Behavior & Education 

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The Encouragement Bucket

Poetry can sometimes do what no other form of expression can do...speak to the mind and heart.

In this collection, your mind will be filled with reasons to get up everyday. Your heart will be reminded of the richness within your dreams and the limitless potential that awaits you. So, don't hesitate! Get a dose of self-care and take a dip into, "The Encouragement Bucket!"

Buy Now $9.99

PDF eBook

Buy Now $9.99

PDF eBook

Black Lives Matter Too

In this collection, there is a poem for almost every corner of social injustice. With every word, she uses her poetic voice to sound the trumphet for those who have felt forgotten, unloved and unheard. Take a moment and get ready to be inspired, educated and enlightened with the knowledge of an up and coming poet by the name of Sajana P. Brown!

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A Teacher's Cry

When teachers have worked hard all year, and the fruit of their labor is all measured by testing can be a tough pill to swallow. However, in this poem, "A Teacher's Cry", teachers are encouraged to recognize where their dependence lies while pressing on to the end of the school year triumphantly.

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